Crimean Underwater Museum of Soviet Statues

Underwater museum Crimea Tarhankut

At Cape Tarkhankut, the monuments of Vladimir Lenin and other Soviet leaders are standing under water at a depth of 15 meters. This place gives an experience of an altered perception of space and time. A visitor expects to see underwater statues as something familiar, a thing or an object that they would not even notice in ordinary life. However, they their experience there turned out to be very different.
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Experimental base for the use of solar energy

An experimental base for the use of solar energy, near Alushta, Crimea, completed in 1989. The building was equipped with a heating system that provided climate control thanks to the energy of the sun and also heated the water in the pool. The complex geometry of the buildings is the result of the need to create an inclined panel for installing heat collectors.
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How did Futurohouse end up in Crimea?

They were invented by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. In 1965, a former classmate asked him to design a ski lodge that could be installed almost anywhere and warm up quickly. Suuronen studied the issue and chose an unexpected shape - an ellipse, as well as materials that were new for those times: fiberglass and polyurethane. Well, after that seriously thought about making houses of a new type. And he did it!
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