Crimean event for 100th anniversary of Joseph Beuys

Art event “Do not be afraid” for the 100th anniversary of artist Joseph Beuys. Crimea, Znamenka

Joseph Beuys is a famous German artist, one of the main theorists of postmodernism, the founder of “fluxus” – a specific kind of performance art.

In his youth, he fought as a pilot during World War II, until she crashed near the village of Znamenka in the Crimean Krasnogvardeisky District. On the verge of freezing, he was rescued by Tatar nomads, who wrapped him in felt and animal fat, which prevented his death.

This event undoubtedly marked his life in such a way that both elements continually appeared in his work, as was the case in How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, En 1965. For her, he put honey and gold leaf on his head, in addition to talking about his work with a dead hare in his arms. In this work, he linked the spatial, sculptural, linguistic and sound factors for which Joseph Beuys took on the role of a shaman with the intent to heal and save a society he believed to be dead.