Travelling to Crimea? I’ve got a few questions!

What is the Crimea?

Crimea is a peninsula in the northern Black Sea. The region has thousands of years of history and was settled by many different peoples who have left their mark there: Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Genoese, Tatars, Ottomans, Jews, Armenians, Ukrainians and Russians settled here on the beautiful Black Sea coast.

Throughout history, Crimea has been part of many different spheres of power, has a complex history, rich culture and beautiful coastline.


Is it forbidden to travel to the Crimea?

The Crimea belongs de facto to Russia after 2014. Formally you still could come from Ukraine. In order to travel to Crimea from the mainland of Ukraine, you need an entry permit from the relevant Ukrainian authorities, which is only issued under certain conditions, but never for tourist purposes.

Entry into Crimea via Russian territory, including by air or sea, is a violation of Ukrainian law (illegal entry). Consular protection cannot currently be granted in Crimea.


Can one still travel to Crimea?

You can travel to Crimea via Russia without any problems. There are daily flights from the major cities and, since the opening of the Crimean Bridge, there is also a land connection by train or road. Upon arrival, you do not put any stamps on your passport.


What are the restrictions in Crimea?

Due to the international sanctions for example, foreign credit or SIM cards do not work.

For this reason, there are currently no internationally active tour operators offering travel to Crimea.

Through local tour operators like us it is possible to clarify all organizational questions in advance so that you can have a relaxed trip.


How political is the trip to Crimea?

We want to make it clear that we do not engage in or tolerate any propaganda for or against any party to the conflict. Our trips are aimed at the history, culture, country and people of the beautiful Crimea.


Is it safe to travel to Crimea?

The political situation in Crimea is stable and calm. Crimea is indeed a very safe destination. Guests of Crimea will have a relaxed and enjoyable time on the peninsula.


Will my visa and passport state that I was in Crimea?

To avoid problems we organize a visa for e.g. St. Petersburg. This will be noted in the visa or passport. The trip to Crimea will not be noted in your passport.

What about using ATM debit/credit cards in Crimea?

In Crimea, you can use only cards that were issued in a Russian bank without any problems. Even though Crimean shops do not accept debit/credit cards issued outside of the Russian Federation, this is not going to pose a problem when visiting the peninsula. Read more about using ATM debit/credit card in Crimea

Ok, I have decided. How do I plan my trip to Crimea?

Have a look at our suggested itineraries!

Send us an email with your wishes and ideas. We will get in touch with you immediately to plan an exciting trip and clarify all necessary formalities.