Seldetron: Abandoned Storm pool in Crimea

In Crimea, between Simeiz and Katsiveli, there is a very unusual building in the shape of a donut. This is a storm pool built in 1949-1952. It is located on the territory of the Black Sea hydrophysical test site of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The storm pool was built in 1953 according to the design of V.V. Shuleikin - the founder of a new direction of physics - physics of the sea. Scientifically, it was called an aerohydrodynamic channel.

The installation is unique. The pool is built in the form of a closed ring, therefore the path of the waves has no beginning or end, and the wind acts on them continuously throughout, causing only the growth of waves, similar to how it happens at sea. Where does the wind come from? On the roof of this 40-meter-in diameter glass there are huge fans, which pumped air into the channel between the glass walls.

Now the storm pool has not been functioning for a long time. The metal is rusted. There is no point in restoring it, although it could have turned out to be a good tourist attraction.