Do you think that Crimea is a hard-to-reach region? In fact, exploring Crimea is very simple and accessible to anyone.Traveling to Crimea is easy with a Yucca tours. We provide full service (Guided Tours with Local Guides, Visa, Transport, Accomodation, Activities, Special Wishes). You could see both «must visit places» (museums, etc) and views of rare objects of Soviet architecture, small private museums, fun outdoor activities such as jeeping, mountain hiking, russian banya. You have chance to learn new things in a unique and exciting way.

Individual tours

Our specialization is the creation of individual tours. Are you interested in a remote region of Crimea, a rare attraction or a specific tour specialization? We will plan the trip 100% according to your request. All you need is to contact us.

I want a tour to Crimea

In the program of your tour, you could include special opportunities that exist in Crimea and which we recommend. You can also book a trip exclusively on a specialized route

Soviet architecture of Crimea

Soviet architecture is an endless source of inspiration. In Crimea, there is a huge amount of original Soviet classics - modernism, brutalism, constructivism, Stalinist classicism. We are ready to show you the most impressive objects!


Crimea is definitely a part of the large Abandoned Planet. There are many abandoned objects of various eras - from ancient ruins to the late Soviet nuclear power plant. We work with experienced urban explorers throughout Crimea.

Active and extreme rest

Do you like outdoor activities? Crimea has plenty of options for adventure. You have a chance to have an impressive experience!

History of military engineering

Do you love military history and technology? Getting ready to face the nuclear winter in your own bunker? Crimea is a great place to study the history of military engineering

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Crimea is a place of energy

It is generally accepted that Crimea is a real place of energy. The combination of mountains and sea creates a unique atmosphere for relaxed thoughtfulness, searching for oneself.

The architectural center of the Crimea

Region has always been a testing ground for new, bold architectural solutions. In tsarist times, castles and palaces of the imperial nobility were built, in Soviet times - experimental hotels and sanatoriums. After the war, the best architects of the USSR were engaged in the restoration of Sevastopol; it was built as a unique urban ensemble.

The intersection of civilizations.

Crimea is a place of intersection of various cultures and peoples: Greeks, antiquity, Crimean Tatars, Yalta conference.

Crimea. Choose a Climate of Your Dreams

Crimea is a unique combination of many and various climatic zones. This relatively small area includes the Mediterranean, the maintain, the steppe, the classic continental and other types of climate. Once, this amazing mix had deceived even such a well-informed man of the world as Winston Churchill. In 1944, on its way to Moscow, Churchill’s plane landed in Yevpatoria where the Prime Minister was met with a cold, sharp wind ravishing the wild steppes. Understandably, after this incident, he was not too enthusiastic about the idea to hold the peace conference in Yalta. But, lo and behold, wasn’t he surprised when, after the wintery Yevpatoria (located in the western part of Crimea), he had suddenly found himself on the South Coast with its sunny skies, warm weather and the Mediterranean type of climate!

Sevastopol, Balaklava and the South Coast are the truly heavenly parts of Crimea. Thanks to their being close to the sea and protected by the mountains, the weather here is comfortable at any time of the year. The Crimean peninsula is an all-season resort that offers all kinds of recreational activities to its visitors.

We are glad to offer you tours in Crimea. Our services include a transfer in Crimea (including Krasnodar airport), an English-speaking guide and full support during your trip to Crimea