Heart of Crimea

Discover the legendary city of Sevastopol!

This tour includes a sightseeing tour of one of the most important cities in the Black Sea region. We will meet at the central square of the city (Nakhimov square) and walk to the symbol of the city - the monument to the Flooded Ships. Further, on a comfortable comfortable boat, we will explore the central bay of the city, approach the warships, assess the architectural decoration of the city from the sea. Next, we will move to Balaklava, where we will climb to the observation point and explore the bay in which nuclear submarines were hiding in Soviet times. In Balaklava, if possible, you can have a snack with fresh fish. The final stage of our walk will be a visit to the private museum "Underground Sevastopol", which is located in the very center of the city and is an active bomb shelter.

We are ready to answer all your questions about the history of Sevastopol or the peculiarities of modern development. Our guides speak English and have excellent storytelling skills.


Itinerary Central square - a monument to the Scuttled Ships - boat excursion - Balaklava - Museum "Underground Sevastopol" (city center)
Language English, Russian
Start 10 a.m.
Finish 5 p.m.
Cost per 5000 rur (50 euro)
Included Guide, transport (car and boat), museum tickets
Not included lunch, accommodation

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