History of military engineering

Do you love military history and technology? Getting ready to face the nuclear winter in your own bunker? Crimea is a great place to study the history of military engineering. Together with Yucca tours, you could visit the most interesting sites and get the most detailed advice from the historian Alexei Tikhonov.

What can be included in the tour:

  • The Museum "Underground Sevastopol" is a functioning anti-nuclear bunker in the very center of Sevastopol. Our guide Alexey Tikhonov is also the scientific director of the museum.
  • The Balaklava Submarine Museum is an impressive structure built in the rock of one of the most secret bays in the USSR to contain nuclear submarines.
  • The 35 Battery Museum is the last stronghold of Sevastopol's resistance to the Nazis.
  • The Fedyukhiny Vysota Living History Park is a modern park with an extensive reconstruction of historical battles

You could order a special tour, which consists entirely of an overview of military-themed museum objects. Or you could include certain elements of the "military" program in sightseeing tours around Crimea

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